The list below are the bodies under the aegis of the Department of Justice and Equality.

You will be able to access further information on these bodies and their associative legislation by clicking on the links below.

In accordance with the 2016 Code of Practice for Governance of State Bodies and in the interest of good governance in the public sector, all State bodies are subject to oversight and accountability. Oversight and Corporate Governance Assurance Agreements enable the Department of Justice and Equality to ensure that there are robust and effective governance arrangements in place in State bodies under its aegis.  The Oversight and Corporate Governance Assurance Agreements are available on the following page: Oversight and Corporate Governance Assurance Agreements

STATUTORY BODIES: These are bodies established by law.

Bodies Functions Established

An Garda Síochána

Policing and national security in the State

Garda Síochána Acts 1924-2005

Courts Service

Manage the Courts, support the judiciary and provide high quality and professional services to all users of the courts.

Courts Service Act 1998

Criminal Assets Bureau To target the assets, wherever situated, of persons which derive or are suspected to derive, directly or indirectly, from criminal conduct Criminal Assets Bureau Act

Garda Síochána Inspectorate

To carry out inspections or inquiries in relation to any particular aspects of the operation and administration of An Garda Síochána

Garda Síochána Act 2005

Insolvency Service of Ireland

Operation of personal insolvency arrangements. Authorisation of Personal Insolvency Practitioners

Personal Insolvency Act 2012.

Legal Aid Board

Provision of civil legal aid and advice

Civil Legal Aid Act 1995

Mental Health (Criminal Law) Review Board

Review of detention of patients in the Central Mental Hospital

Criminal Law (Insanity) Act 2006

National Disability Authority

Provision of advice on disability policy and practice

National Disability Authority Act 1999

Office of the Inspector of Prisons

Inspection of prisons, advisory

Prisons Act 2007

Policing Authority Overseeing the performance of An Garda Síochána in relation to policing services in Ireland

Garda Síochána (Policing Authority
and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2015



INVESTIGATIVE BODIES (STATUTORY): These are bodies with an investigative function established by law.

Bodies Functions Established

Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission

To receive complaints made by members of the public concerning the conduct of member of An Garda Síochána,
exercise power in relation to these complaints, issue guidelines, report results of investigations to the Garda
Commissioner and DPP as appropriate, draw up protocols


Garda Síochána Act 2005

Office of the Data Protection Commissioner

Standards, inspections, investigation and enforcement of personal data protection

Data Protection Act 1988

International Protection Office

The International Protection Office (IPO) is an office within the Immigration Service (INIS), responsible for examining and processing applications for international protection (refugee status and subsidiary protection).

Staff of the IPO also decide, on behalf of the Minister, whether or not permission to remain in the State (Ireland) should be granted on other grounds to unsuccessful applicants for international protection.

International Protection Act 2015





REGULATORY BODIES (STATUTORY): These are bodies with a regulatory function established by law.

Bodies Functions Established

Censorship of Publications Board

Power to prohibit from publication books or periodicals found by the Board to be obscene.

Censorship of Publications Act 1929

Irish Film Classification Office

Examination and certification of films, videos and DVDs

Censorship of Films Act 1923 as amended by the Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions)
Act 2008

Private Security Authority

Regulation of the private security industry in Ireland

Private Security Services Act 2004

Property Services Regulatory Authority

Operation of a licensing system, enforcement of standards, investigation and adjudication of complaints and management of compensation fund

Property Services Regulation Act 2011

Legal Services Regulatory Authority Regulates the provision of legal services by legal practitioners and ensures the maintenance and improvement of standards in the provision of such services in the State. Established 2016


APPELLATE BODIES (STATUTORY): These are bodies with an appeal function established by law.

Bodies Functions Established

Censorship of Publications Appeal Board

To consider appeals against Prohibition Orders issued by the
Censorship of Publications Board

Censorship of Publications Act 1946

Classification of Films Appeal

Appeals in relation to classification decisions made by IFCO

Censorship of Films Act 1923 as amended
by the Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions)
Act 2008

Private Security Appeal Board

Consideration of appeals by members of the security industry against licensing decisions made by the PSA

Private Security
Services Act 2004

Property Services Appeal Board

To hear and determine appeals against certain decisions made by the Authority

Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011

International Protection Appeals Tribunal

The Tribunal decides appeals of those persons whose application for International Protection status has not been recommended by the International Protection Office. The Tribunal also determines appeals under the Dublin System Regulations.

International Protection Act, 2015



NON STATUTORY AGENCIES: These are bodies established on an administrative basis by the Minister.

Bodies Functions Established

Commission for Support of Victims of Crime

Assist with the development of strategies and policies to support the victims of crime

Established March 2005

Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal

Considers compensation applications from or on behalf of
people who have suffered injury or death as a result of violent crime

Established 1974

Forensic Science Ireland

Assist the investigation of crime providing scientific analysis and expert advice

Established 1975

The Immigration Service

Asylum, immigration, citizenship & visas. The Immigration Service includes RIA (see below)

Established 2005

Irish Prison Service

Provision of safe, secure custody for people committed to prison
by the courts and the management of custodial sentences

Prisons Acts 1826-2007

Office of the State Pathologist

Provide independent advice on matters relating to forensic pathology
and to perform post-mortem examinations in cases where foul play is suspected


Parole Board

Recommendations on the sentence management of prisoners

Est. administratively April 2001

Probation Service

Provision of probation supervision, community service, offending
behaviour programmes and specialist support services

Probation of Offenders Act 1907

Reception and Integration Agency (RIA)

Accommodates and provides services for asylum seekers
while their applications for asylum are processed

Established April 2001



EXECUTIVE OFFICES (NON STATUTORY DEPARTMENTAL BODIES): These are bodies established on an administrative basis within the Department

Bodies Functions Established

Anti Human Trafficking Unit

Co-ordinates the Irish response to trafficking in human beings

Established February 2008


Prevention of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence

Established 2007

Irish Youth Justice Service

To reduce youth offending

Established December 2005

Office for Internet Safety 

The functions of the Office for Internet Safety have been incorporated into the Cybercrime division within the Crime & Security Directorate of the Department of Justice & Equality and refocused to deal with issues of law enforcement, oversight of (the confidential reporting service for illegal content on the internet in Ireland) and the Garda Blocking Initiative, and coordination of EU funding proposals.

Established March 2008

Victims of Crime Office

To improve the continuity and quality of services to victims of crime

Established September 2008

Anti-Money Laundering 
Compliance Unit
To authorise Trust or Company Service Providers (TCSPs), register Private Member Clubs and monitor money laundering compliance of High Value Goods Dealers, TCSPs and Private Member Clubs.    Criminal Justice (Money 
Laundering and Terrorist  Financing) Act 2010


Other statutory office


To look into the circumstances of a sudden, unnatural, unexplained, violent or unnatural death

Coroners Act 1962