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What is Ireland for Law?

 John Bruton

Ireland for Law is the banner brand to promote Ireland as a leading centre globally for international legal services.  Chaired by former Taoiseach and EU Ambassador in Washington, Mr. John Bruton, the initiative represents a key milestone in promoting Irish law and Irish legal services to the international business community particularly in sectors where Ireland is a global player, including aviation finance, funds, insurance, tech, pharma and life sciences.


Ireland for Law’s mission is:

  1. To identify the best pathway to promote the use of Irish law and Irish legal services in contracts and transactions by showcasing the real advantages of Irish law, the Irish legal system, and courts.
  2. To create and direct Ireland’s strategy to promote Irish based legal services on the basis of our pro-business, English speaking, common law justice system, our continued membership of the European Union, the Irish judiciary's international record of integrity, fairness and impartiality and the extensive experience and expertise of the Irish legal profession.
  3. To consider what steps are required to ensure that Ireland’s dispute resolution system is best positioned to meet international expectations and the needs of international as well as domestic court users as an effective, responsive, reliable and cost-effective legal infrastructure.
  4. To ensure that the Irish Government and State Agencies lead the way in promoting the use of Irish law and Irish legal services in contracts and business transactions generally. 


Ireland for Law is currently funded and supported by the Law Society and the Bar of Ireland and strongly supported by the Government of Ireland across the relevant government departments, by IDA Ireland and on the ground by our network of trade and diplomatic missions abroad.

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